Explainer Video For Business?

A unique video will explain in two or three minutes what your company does, what you offer and what you produce. This increases the risk of the consumer buying your product. These are sometimes referred to as motion graphic videos. Many companies are specialized in building videos for explanation. The choice depends on your company’s budget and needs.

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Many people use motion graphic videos, not just website companies. They are used for campaigns for kickstarters, meetings, blogs and book trailers. Inspiring speakers often use them as a quick, powerful presentation of power points. They are also used by non-profit organizations. Anyone who has an idea to remember can use it. Ideas from these videos can easily be remembered because they are concise, witty and cleverly animated.

These videos function because people are used to watching media content online; 100 million people actually watch video online every day. 80% of the people who said they visited a website and watched the video in its entirety said that 90% of the sites’ content was remembered. Video now ranks highest in search engine results. Video results are actually found in about 70 percent of the 100 top Google rankings. These motion graphic videos impact the retail world enormously. 4 out of 10 customers watch a movie graphics video online in a store or shop.

Products are becoming increasingly specialized and these videos contain a message which people are willing and willing to listen to. Crazy Egg, a service company that shows where potential consumers have clicked on their websites, generated a monthly additional $21,000 in revenue just by adding a video explorer.

So how does this video actually get to your site? 75% of companies surveyed say they watch videos online at least once a week and increase business to business sales. They often watch a video on YouTube and then visit the site of the marketer. argues that “the fastest way to create new leads for local companies is to use video and explain records.” Videos can be shared and approximately 68% of viewers say they share them, so a video could be viral. This also leads to digital mouthpieces. Explainer video is not just the wave of the future; today they have an impact.

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