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If you want to contracted a graphic design agency to do something for you, it often becomes difficult to get to the details of contract discussions and the important question: can you trust these people with your company’s branding, organization, product, service? In this context, we have put together a series of questions to help potential agencies find the right graphic design company for their business. Simple but strong. Any graphic design company worth its salt would be delighted to provide you with all kinds of interesting information about who they are and for whom they work. It’s their time to praise, only a little, for the great things they did for other organizations and how they could meet your requirements.

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This is a fairly safe question but one that will probably reveal any glaring omissions in a portfolio of graphic design companies. Be aware that the omission of a certain discipline does not necessarily mean negative points, but it can be why you choose another graphic design company, as specialization in your particular field of application can make them suddenly a favorite. Don’t be frightened to discuss practicalities. If your designer does not provide a rough estimate, ask for information to be followed up later. But don’t be coy – many graphic design firms work for more than one customer at a time, so let them know, if you want things done fast!

Again, practicalities are not to be avoided. If this is the first meeting, do not expect the figures exact, but you may be surprised at how often the final figure is estimated early. Use this to get graphic design firms that are too costly for you before you waste too much time on them. Hourly pay or quotes for entire projects are all right, but be sure that you understand the benefits and limitations of every choice. Make sure that the graphic design company delivers results within the maximum budget when using the hourly billing.

This is often largely based on the cost and billing structure; if you work on hourly billing, you will always want to talk to your designer as much as you like, but for obvious reasons projects going forward from a single bill are subject to more stringent time management. By asking these simple questions, you should be well positioned to find a graphic designer who can provide exactly the type of service that you need.

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