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It’s hard to believe, but quick internet payday loans did, in fact, save my life when I needed them the most. Certainly, there are other stories out there that are similar to mine, but this one is particularly noteworthy because it illustrates what can happen when you’re simply waiting for your next paycheck to arrive. My automobile broke down a few weeks ago, and I was stranded without means of transportation. This was really frustrating for me because, like the majority of people, I rely on my automobile to travel to and from work. I didn’t have any money saved up, and it turned out that I needed some substantial maintenance done on my car. It’s the price I pay for not paying enough attention to my car’s needs in the previous year.

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There were only two options available to me: either hitch a ride with a friend and coworker who lived in the opposite direction of my employment and home, or borrow the money from somewhere and take care of the repairs right away. I chose option two. I just chose to wait until my next salary to take care of the repairs and have a friend transport me to and from work. This is what most people would do. When he pulled up the first day, I was already feeling bad, especially considering that he was driving out of his way to pick me up, which was unusual for him to do in his normal routine. When he informed me that he had gotten up an hour earlier than normal in order to pick me up, my guilt rose even more. To put it succinctly, I was in a bad mood and decided that this wasn’t going to work out for the rest of the day or the week ahead.

On the next afternoon, after I got off work, I started looking into payday cash advances and short-term fast cash loans to see whether they were available. It turned out that I could apply for the loan and receive the money I needed within a few hours after being approved. Unlike most people, I was a little wary and decided not to get suckered into what appeared to be a fraud too soon. So, rather than simply believing what I had read, I conducted some additional research and discovered that these same day loans were not frauds at all, and that they truly assist a large number of individuals all over the world.

In all honesty, I was taken aback by how easy it was for nearly anyone to apply for one of these loans in minutes. All they needed was a valid social security number, a checking account, and a source of income. This prompted me to look for an online payday loan, which I did in less than 10 minutes after finding the problem. It took me less than an hour to get authorized for a $500 loan after I applied online. In the following conversation, I was informed that the funds will be placed into my bank account within a few hours and that I would be able to access them the same day, if not the following morning. As a result of this development, I contacted a local car repair firm, who agreed to tow the vehicle to their shop and repair it. After a few hours, the car was totally fixed, and I was presented with a bill for $446.84, which was just shy of the $500 loan I had taken out.

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