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When it comes to selecting the most appropriate commercial doors for your project or facility, you quickly learn that there is a lot to consider before making your decision. Some aspects, such as particular standards and rules, are beyond of your control and cannot be changed. But there are a number of other considerations to consider before making your final decision on the type and style of automatic door you will use. These considerations include the sort of facility involved, the type of clientele that facility will serve, the amount of traffic that facility will see, the location of the facility, and a variety of other considerations.

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Understanding how the various types of doors available function can assist you in selecting the most appropriate one for your project. In addition to being excellent for two-way traffic, they may also be an effective way to handle directional traffic, which means using one door for entry and another for exit. Because of their versatility, these doors are suited for use in virtually any setting. These are often utilized in situations when there is only one way foot traffic. What’s most usual is that one door is used for entry and another is utilized for exit, with one door being used for each. Automatic swinging doors utilized for two-way traffic are not common in commercial buildings. However, there are always exceptions to the rule.

If you require or desire swinging doors for applications involving two-way traffic, this should have been discussed with architects and designers at the initial design phase of the project. If you’re dealing with two-way traffic, one method to make this type of construction work efficiently is to install a remote switch or push plate that triggers the door well before someone approaches it. What are the benefits of installing folding doors? When there is a restricted amount of space. If your opening width is limited to 6 to 8 feet, but you still want to be able to have two-way traffic in this short space, folding doors are the best option for you.

In places with directional or one-way traffic, single fold doors are an excellent choice. Everyone enjoys the convenience of a rotating door, right? These doors, which can be either manual or automatic, have been shown to be useful in high-traffic areas where continuous entry and exit access is required. They can also be useful for producing an air lock, which can help to keep energy costs under control. When selecting an automatic door for your project or facility, it’s critical to evaluate the volume of traffic that will pass through the entrance. There are several different degrees of traffic. An average of more than 2 persons per minute pass through an area, cart traffic, or doors weighing up to 150 pounds per moving panel are all examples of what this includes. Among the other considerations when selecting a door are any fire and smoke applications, accessibility requirements, energy efficiency, and your desired way of security.

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