Shock Wave Therapy – Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is a new method of treatment that makes use of the body’s natural injury repair powers in the areas of deterioration. This treatment involves isolating the problematic tendon areas individually and injecting them with an appropriate stimulant. A simultaneous inflammation of the afflicted areas is made possible with the injection of a controlled amount of dextrose. As a result of the regeneration of a new matrix of collagen, the tendons become more robust and are better able to return to their normal, injury-free form.

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The prolotherapy treatment has a very quick success rate and contributes to a natural and painless healing process. Prolotherapy administered once every four to six weeks to the problematic areas of your shoulders has the potential to work miracles on the condition of those areas. The results are there for you to see, and there are hardly no negative affects to speak about. The world of medicine continues to look for answers in the form of conventional medications and surgical procedures. Patients continue to voice their dissatisfaction that their treatments, regardless of how pricey they may be, are unable to deliver the much-desired reduction in pain, despite the fact that several advancements have been made over the course of the years.

Surgery is typically viewed as a final option, and patients frequently have the expectation that it would fix the issue for good. However, this is not always the case. In many instances, patients are required to go through an excruciatingly long period of recovery, and once it is finished, they have less mobility and are unable to return to their normal lives. A conclusion of this kind is bad for all of the patients, regardless of whether they are athletes or just plain people. A component of ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscle, and the outer layer of muscle, which is called fascia, collagen can also be found in these tissues.

Collagen is the primary component of every type of connective tissue in the body. Prolotherapy, which is a non-surgical treatment option and a speedier recovery choice, works best for athletes even in the event of shoulder injuries, which are a typical occurrence with athletes because they play sports. Because it speeds up the healing process and strengthens the surrounding ligaments and tendons, which are the parts of the body that are typically overstretched during workouts.

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