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In the past, two totally different types of door entry systems were automatic doors and good secure access control. Designs incorporating modern materials and cutting-edge technology are possible while maintaining security and eye-pleasing entry systems. The topics of security and entrances are often synonymous because they also refer to fire and safety as well as access control.

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We approach public and commercial buildings in many places these days, and the doors open for us without us doing anything. The term “simply to make life easy for customers to enter the premises” is now used by shopping centers and most high street stores. They help determine the number of pedestrians on the road and reduce energy consumption.

Whereas temperature control and door entry systems are usually installed together, this allows customers to experience an ambient interior from the British weather, while saving on energy costs with payback that is exceptionally good. A real innovation in the automatic door industry is automatic swing doors that resemble manual door closers in dimensions, weight, and price. The primary difference is that this automatic low energy swing door system features an internal battery, and the Push & Go feature is useful in situations where sensors and other detection devices are unusable.

In conditions of heavy duty, it is capable of carrying 80 kg with a door leaf of 1000 mm and an opening speed of 3 to 5 seconds, while in conditions of light duty, it is capable of supporting 90 kg with a 1200 mm leaf. It is as simple as pushing the bar, and the door will open. Microprocessor controls embedded with intelligence that take care of all the adjustments and “teach-in” during commissioning. Every time a bank is about to close, the safety photocell barriers are tested to ensure they are working properly. The regular door checking also means that the door is safer to use. A variety of uses exist for the automatic folding door in retail, industrial, and commercial sectors.

Over the years, revolving doors have provided numerous situations for many comedy sketches. Though the automatic revolving doors might invite things from the lighter side of life, the physical realities of automatic revolving doors ensure that these doors have an abundance of convenience, and they have a long list of energy conservation advantages.

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