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If we take a look at life 100 years ago and compare it to life today, we will see that science has had a significant impact on human life. During the early nineteenth century, the impact of science on human existence underwent a fast transformation as the Industrial Revolution began. Today, science has a significant impact on how we live our lives, mostly through the application of scientific knowledge for practical reasons, which is a major component of technology.

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Some types of scientific innovations have completely transformed our way of life. Since its inception, the refrigerator, for example, has played a critical role in the preservation of public health and well-being. Several improvements in physics, mathematics, and engineering were used to create the first automobile, which was invented in the 1880s; the first electronic computers were invented in the 1940s as a result of simultaneous advances in electronics, physics, and mathematics. Today, we have supercomputers that are extremely fast and accurate to a tenth of a percent.

Research in food technology has resulted in the development of novel methods of preserving and flavoring the foods we eat. Research in industrial chemistry has resulted in a broad array of plastics and other synthetic materials, which have a plethora of applications in both the household and the industrial world. Easily moulded into complicated shapes, synthetic materials can be used to manufacture machinery, electrical and automotive components, scientific, technical, and industrial instruments, decorative objects, containers, and packing materials, among a wide range of other things.

Science has a tremendous impact on our daily lives. It serves as the foundation for most of modern technology, including the tools, materials, procedures, and sources of power that make our lives and jobs easier to do. The discoveries of scientists also contribute to the formation of our beliefs about ourselves and our role in the cosmos. Briefly said, science has altered, improved, enhanced, modified, and refined human life in all of its manifestations and aspects.

Using scientific principles, we can now explain what was previously considered weird and enigmatic by the people of the past. The Science of Genetics is opening up new avenues for the study of the human gene and the human cell. Fourth, humans have evolved into more critical and less afraid individuals than their predecessors and forbearers did. The mortality rate among youngsters was extremely high two hundred years ago. During those days, seven out of every eight babies perished before reaching the age of one.

With the help of immunizations, drugs, and a well-functioning health-care system, life expectancy has increased in recent years. When compared to 200 years ago, individuals are living longer and safer lives now. Antibiotics and vaccines, which protect us from infectious diseases, as well as a vast range of other pharmaceuticals used to treat specific health concerns, are all the result of biochemical study. A direct effect of this is that the vast majority of people on the earth are now living longer and healthier lives than they have in the past.

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