Prenatal Yoga Vs Anusara Yoga

In discussing Prenatal Yoga Vs. Anusara Yoga there are some fundamental differences. While each is based upon a different understanding of yoga, each also provides a framework upon which the parents can build their own individual program. Prenatal Yoga is very much focused upon developing physical, mental, and spiritual strength in the early stages of pregnancy and before delivery. Anusara Yoga is centered on the concept of controlling one’s life-force energy (basically SPIRIT) from beginning to end.

Anusara Yoga may have a slightly stronger effect on the physical body

Both are derived from the same base of awareness (though Anusara Yoga may have a slightly stronger effect on the physical body), but each also provides its own method for awakening those qualities. When the body is physically developed in the early months of pregnancy, it is much easier to focus on the physical aspect of life. This allows the brain to start taking control of the body’s muscular functions, as well as the breathing process. When the brain and body are at their most alert, balance is achieved and there is less tendency towards illness or injury.

The first difference is found in the emphasis on breath control. In both Yoga classes, students learn to breathe deeply and slowly, concentrating on the breath as opposed to an image created by the postures. This enables the mind to be less distracted and focused on the postures themselves. By focusing on the breath instead of the positions themselves, both Prenatal Yoga and Anusara Yoga can be practiced more easily and safely.

The second difference is found in the use of props. Anusara Yoga, in particular, relies heavily on hands, blankets, and other props to help participants achieve certain postures. Prenatal Yoga does not. In the absence of these props, it would be nearly impossible for beginners to learn the poses without using a bit of help. Therefore, practicing Yoga without props is not only safer but also more time-efficient.

How to practice yoga?

When it comes to safety, many people are unaware that the clothing worn during Yoga sessions can be extremely beneficial. Many Prenatal Yoga classes include clothing that have been specifically designed for pregnant women to accommodate the unique requirements of the pregnant woman. Special fabrics are used that allow the skin to breathe, preventing overheating and excessive sweating. This allows the Yoga session to be more enjoyable and relaxing, allowing the Yoga practitioner to fully relax in between repetitions. However, Anusara Yoga does not always have the same benefits. Clothes designed for Prenatal Yoga are generally more supportive, while those used during Anusara Yoga tend to be more loose-fitting and more comfortable.

The third main difference between Prenatal Yoga and Anusara Yoga is in terms of flexibility. Postures often require that the participant to engage in motions that are beyond their ability. However, with Yoga, these postures can be performed with the assistance of props. Therefore, it is generally better for beginners to use Yoga methods that are easier for them to master.

Of course, all good things must come to an end. And, when it comes to Yoga, one should never forget that all the best Yoga practices are intended to promote health and well-being. Therefore, if you’re looking to achieve the best results from Yoga, you should always perform Prenatal Yoga postures at the same time as Anusara Yoga. Doing these two different postures together will ensure that you obtain the best possible results.


So which is better? In actuality, the answer lies in your own preferences. Both Prenatal Yoga and Anusara Yoga are excellent methods for obtaining the best possible results from the Yoga practice. However, there are many aspects that need to be considered when it comes to deciding which method to use. Therefore, it is best for beginners to start out using Prenatal Yoga because it has proven to be one of the safest postures to use.

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